To cook, to photograph, to love and to say it all in Italian.

1) I have been creating food for as long as my sisters were refusing to eat it.

2) Now I have a husband and he eats anything I put on our white plates. Also, he’s gluten free so you’ll see a lot of foods and recipes that avoid wheat and wheat flours. And you wouldn’t even know it if I hadn’t told you!

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Michaela Lemke, arugulaandamore.wordpress.com

3) Photographing the food started as a mixture of artistic expression and a desire to show everyone what good food I had made. 😉

4) Somehow, I was born a random mixture of northwestern European heritages, but my heart is Italian and my taste buds are distinctly Mediterranean. The region’s food, culture, topography and history fascinate me.

4)This blog represents an initiative to be more artistic, to slow down, to share good food with friends and family and to learn Italian–all things I’ve said I’d like to do. So, I’m doing them. Arugula and Amore represents a year of taking more chances, taking more time and tasting more food…and wine.

To good friends, beautiful food and not measuring the butter you added to the pan!  Salute!

The secret ingredients to everything savory.
The secret ingredients to everything savory.


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